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You will receive actual knowledge from masters of the business. You will do the work that will form the basis of your portfolio and discuss it with your peers.

<p><span class="font-bold">Video Lessons</span></p>

Video Lessons

You view the video lectures yourself on any device and in any mode convenient for you. After passing each stage, you consolidate your knowledge in practice.

<p><span class="font-bold">Practical Classes</span></p>

Practical Classes

Practical classes with a PRO take 10-60 minutes and are scheduled. The frequency, pace, and location of classes are your choice.

<p><span class="font-bold">Community Learning </span></p>

Community Learning

You may comment and network with other students at any time during your session by utilizing our community tools.

Rap Plug @ Microsoft in Atlanta Ga. 

Rap Plug Academy brings the music community closer to the everyday student through our Pro Class series. In this series we highlight 50 careers (through top industry professionals) in the music industry that do not require a microphone. Jobs like producing, songwriting, choreography, Dj-ing, styling, managing, videography, digital marketing, influencers, lawyers, accountants, streaming, etc. 

Craig A King 

Co-CEO Rap Plug Inc | Rap Plug Academy  @CraigAKingOfficial 

Rap Plug Academy brings careers in the music industry to life for youth.  Connecting youth with skills and experts in a relevant way makes a career in music attainable.

Careshia Moore

President & CEO

Usher's New Look

The Rap Plug provides amazing opportunities to a wide range of recipients. It has and continues to educate those pursuing a career in the music industry on practices, approaches, and different paths one can take to land a successful and fulfilling career in Music. 

Marcus Bazemore


"The 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students at Morrow Elementary in Morrow, GA had the pleasure of experiencing a rap and coding lesson from the amazing RapPlug Academy last week March 15th. The students were taught how to break down a beat and formulate it together to make their own individual sounds. Seeing the smiles on our students' faces let us know this is something they really loved getting an opportunity to do.

Jameka Ashley